RICHARD HAMMILL appointed Chief Operating Officer at Pontefract

Richard Hammill, who joined the Management Team at Pontefract Racecourse in October 2000 and has been Assistant Manager since he qualified as a Clerk of the Course in 2006, has been appointed Chief Operating Officer with prinicipal responsibility for organising and running all race day operations, which he has effectively been doing for some time.

Mr Hammill will continue to oversee Pontefract’s Marketing and Promotions strategy and will also continue to act as joint Clerk of the Course. He will be assisted by George Chaloner who was engaged as Full Time Management Assistant last month.

Norman Gundill will remain as the Company’s Managing Director and Secretary, but will hand over the work he currently still does in respect of raceday management to Mr Hammill over the next 12 to 18 months. He will continue to act as Clerk of the Course jointly with Mr Hammill until George Chaloner, who is currently undergoing training, is accredited.

Mr Gundill will continue to be responsible with Mr Hammill for overall strategy and budgeting, and, with his legal background, will continue to oversee regulatory arrangements.

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