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Shine Like A Diamond

A sparkling accessory is often the key to finishing an outfit and making you racecourse ready!  We are delighted that are a sponsor of the Go Racing In Yorkshire Ladies Day Final, which takes place at Doncaster Racecourse, giving the winner a beautiful diamond ring as part of the prize package.  Read on for some tips about how to look after and preserve your special pieces.

At LoveVintageDiamonds, we say ‘a Woman without diamonds is like heaven without stars’, but we would not be politically correct to exclude men from this scenario and nor should we. Many gentlemen enjoy diamonds, not to mention jewellery, to a greater extent than is credited. Those gentlemen who appreciate the virtues of a high-quality and or rare pieces of jewellery are often the most enthusiastic of all.

As with anything, diamonds vary in size, colour and quality. Add to that the different shapes, and varying price ranges and it’s hardly surprising that most people would worry about what they are buying. It is important to feel confident that you are getting good value for money, and it is even more important that you absolutely love your diamonds and that the enjoyment they give you justifies the money spent.

Jewellery should be worn and enjoyed and looking after it means the life of the piece will be prolonged and can come out time and time again.  A touch of sparkle will dress up an outfit and add some elegant glamour and it is transferable between outfits.

Whilst diamonds are the hardest material, and the choice for the largest majority of engagement rings, it does not mean that they are invincible. If an item of diamond-set jewellery is abused, accidentally damaged or is worn over many years without maintenance, the stones may not be safe within their setting and could be lost.

To look after your pieces of jewellery, remove it at night, when bathing and performing tasks that could be damaging.  Store jewellery separately to avoid scratching and keep it in a cool, dry place.  Avoid contact with chemicals, hairsprays, deodorants and perfumes – accessorising should be the very last thing you do!

General cleaning should be done gently and advisedly.  A simple solution of warm – not hot, water and a little washing up liquid is often all that is needed.  Make sure your jewellery is thoroughly dried. is delighted to continue our sponsorship of the Go Racing In Yorkshire Ladies Day Final and this year we are including a beautiful vintage diamond and pearl cluster ring.  We love racing in Yorkshire and are particularly interested in following the styles and fashions exhibited by racegoers.  Good luck to all those who are taking part and will go on to represent their racecourse in the final.  We look forward to seeing you in October!